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Female Insecurities

experiencing hormonal changes and overcoming insecurities. We all have insecurities, which can make the transition from children to adults difficult; however, it appears that boys are able to make this transition easier than girl do. Naturally, females are more in tuned with their emotions and they are more compassionate and nurturing. Female are most insecure about their bodies, some may be insecure about their weight, while others may be insecure about the size of their buttocks. Now females who are in high school and are going through puberty are usually insecure regarding their overall appearance of their bodies. Therefore, in order to overcome these insecurities some may result to plastic surgery, liposuction and breast enlargement surgery known as breast implants.

Breast Augmentation : The term late bloomers refer to female who are in their third years of puberty and do not exhibit the physical characteristics such as average sized breast, hips, and buttocks increase. Late bloomers that usually consider breast augmentation because despite the use of breast enhancements such as booster brawls and the classic tissue stuffing of the bra, they feel less feminine. Now the question of safety comes to parent’s mind of those children who are considering on having breast enlargement surgery. This is where the answer to the question “is breast enhancement surgery safe for teens?” becomes blurred because some say that it is safe and other say that it is not. In the following two paragraphs we will review why, it some medical professionals say that it teens can have breast surgery and why some are against it.

According to The American Society of Plastic surgeons regarding breast augmentation surgery, reports that because of the delicate nature of the surgery only females of a certain age should consider implant surgery.

Due to the developing female teenage body, the risk of their bodies rejecting the silicone implants increases to nearly 50%, which may result in irreversible abnormalities and scaring. The most common abnormality associated with teens that undergo breast implant surgery is capsular contracture.  Capsular contracture occurs because an undeveloped female body rejects the silicone breast enlargement and it causes chronic pain and lopsidedness.

Other side effects related to breast implant surgery include hardness, unusual changes in temperature and the inability to breast feed. Apart from the physical risk associated with breast implants there is also a financial risk primarily the cost of the surgery.  The surgery cost $ 7,000 and because it does most high school students wait until they graduated to undergo the surgery.

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