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Growing Gay Dating Washington DC Population

The number of Gay Dating Washington DC men has gone up a lot since the start of the year. So far, there are 70000 admittedly gay men in the metro area. These numbers are coming from polls taken online and through the mail. Out of 2000000 men in the area, 1500000 have responded to the mail-in survey sent out by an anonymous organization. Out of those 1500000 returned surveys, there were 70000 “gay” responses, 430000 “no answer” responses, and 1000000 “straight” responses. Of course, the 430000 men who chose not to answer really throw off the numbers, so there is no accurate percentage of gay men in the DC area.

The same survey was sent out last year. Out of 2000000 surveys sent, only about 1000000 men responded. There were an astounding 800000 “no answer” responses, 155000 “straight” responses, and only 45000 “gay” responses. It is hard to say how many of the men who responded “no answer” are in fact gay; not to mention how many could be gay out of the 1000000 men who did not respond to the survey at all. Because of the inaccuracy of these surveys, the same team decided to look for the numbers in a different place: gay dating websites.

There are literally thousands of dating sites, so it took a long time for the team to pick out the ones they were looking for. They chose to look at Gay Dating Washington DC sites specifically. They found seven in the metro area (same general area as the surveys were sent out to). The only information that could be provided by the websites (for privacy reasons) was the actual number of members on each site: the grand total was about 95800. Again, it is hard to take this number literally because there is no certainty that all members are actually from the DC area. Also, some of them could be members on more than one site which throws the numbers off even more. Despite all of the blips and bleeps in the stats, it is evident that there are at least twice as many gay men living in the Washington DC metro area now as there was last year.

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