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Large Breed Dog Toys

Most everyone seems to love the small dog breeds, and there are numerous dog toys, pet clothing, dishes, and other accessories that cater to small dogs. But pet manufacturers have noticed that there is a lack of items geared toward larger dogs, so many companies have started designing different items specifically for dogs over 50lbs. Toys need to be designed so that they can’t be swallowed, but they must also be strong enough to withstand an extensive amount of chewing and tugging. Since larger breeds weigh much more than the smaller breeds, the typical small balls and pull toys aren’t designed to withstand a large amount of rough play. Find out how to choose the right type of toy for your large pet.


Gripper Toys

One thing bigger dogs love to do is play tug-of-war, so you should invest in a few gripper toys. There are gripper balls which are larger rubber type balls that have a grip handle on top. These are perfect when playing with your dog because they will usually grab the ball, leaving the handle available for you to grab. Two dogs can also play with a tugger ball, especially if you get the largest size available.

There are also hard vinyl gripper toys that have a hook grip on two sides, making them the perfect toy for large dogs to get their teeth around for playing or chewing. When purchasing a gripper toy, look for one that is made of a sturdy material and won’t break off into little pieces, causing a choking hazard.


Treat Dog Toys

These toys have become more popular over the years because they allow a dog to entertain itself. These toys are made of a sturdy material and have small holes in them.

Small treats are then placed inside the toy. As the dog rolls, tosses, chews, and plays with this toy, the treats randomly pop out. Since the dog never knows when a treat will pop out, they continue to play with the toy out of expectancy.


Floating Toys

Many large dog breeds are known to be good swimmer. Golden retrievers and pit bull terriers are just two breeds that usually love the water and enjoy retrieving items from the water. Floating toys are designed with a buoyant core that prevents the toy from slipping beneath the water. Since some dogs will retrieve an item no matter how far it sinks, floating toys help prevent accidents.

Each dog has its own personality, and you will discover the types of toys your dog prefers. But if you keep a good collection of dog toys on hand, you’ll always be able to entertain your dog whether you’re home or off at work.

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