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Latest Technology Toys – RC Toys

Now a days there are many toys available in market place for kids. Remote control of RC toys are one of the best source of entertainment for youngsters as well as for adults. These toys include electric rc cars, nitro rc cars, gas powered rc cars, rc helicopters, rc trucks, etc. These toys are enjoyed by all ages. Every person has its own way of enjoyment. Some of these toys are enjoyed by youngsters or kids and some of these modern technology toys are enjoyed by adults because some toys are difficult to handle.

Here are some of the rc toys mostly used by people. First is the electric rc cars. Electric rc cars are easy to handle. these cars do not run on fuel, these cars used powered battery in their engines. Mostly electric rc cars are used by kids. These cars can run up to speed of 40 – 50 miles. These cars are available in many designs and sizes. And also these cars not so costly and these electric rc cars range from 50 bucks. These electric rc cars are not as noisy as the gas powered rc cars. You can race them with your friends around your house or neighborhood.

Second rc toy that comes in this category is nitro rc cars. The nitro RC cars are one of the most popular trends within the field of RC cars. These cars are noisy as compared to the electric rc cars. The engine of these nitro rc cars are use nitro fuel to run. That’s why these cars run at a very high speed. Some nitro rc cars can reach speeds up to 75 miles per hour. These cars are used by professional drivers as the handling of these cars is a little difficult. Nitro RC cars use a remote in command to control the car actions. Nitro RC cars are more complex than their electrical counterparts.

For this reason those that are particularly fond of motors and customizing cars prefer them.

Another popular category is gas powered rc cars. These rc cars use fuel which is mixture of gasoline and and run very fast. These cars  allow you to run across the highways, run through traffic lights with no risk of traffic ticket and weave through traffic. Gas powered RC cars are designed for more experienced hobbyists who want to add an extra element of realism, challenge, and excitement to the sport. To fully enjoy these larger scale cars, you will need plenty of straight driving space so they can reach full speed before you start curving.

Youngsters should start their hobby with electric rc cars as these cars are easy to handle. Professionals drive gas powered rc cars and nitro rc cars as the handling of these cars is difficult to master.

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