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Treatment of Anal Fissures


Changes to both diet and lifestyle will be needed to help to encourage healing of anal fissures. You must aim to try and avoid constipation, so that stools are smaller and softer.

This can be achieved by eating a high fibre diet, including lots of fruit, vegetables, wholegrain cereals and brown rice, bread and pasta. You should also aim to drink enough water each day so that your urine is no darker than pale yellow. Whilst some is passed out as urine some will make its way into the gut and soften stools.

Taking a warm bath after using the toilet may also relieve the pain and discomfort.

If your condition has not healed despite these lifestyle changes you must seek further medical assistant your doctor particularly if you have blood in your stool.


Creams containing localised anesthetics can relieve the pain and inflammation of the fissure. Your doctor may prescribe these in conjunction with laxatives.

Several new medical approaches to curing anal fissures have been introduced recently, although these are generally only prescribed by a specialist surgeon.

Several new treatments are based on medicines originally developed for treating heart conditions and high blood pressure, but as such are not officially approved in all countries for the treatment of anal fissures. They relax the muscle of the internal anal sphincter which in turn calms the spasm and improves the blood flow to the muscle. As it relaxes more the cut then begins to heal. Side effects can include a headache however the benefit felt from the pain being relieved is worth it.

Botox injections are also used by some specialists, to temporarily paralyse the part of the sphincter affected. This reduces spasms, and hence pressure in the anus and eases the pain.

Surgical Solutions

More extreme cases will require surgery. This involves a minor operation under general anesthetic. It is usually performed as a day case, without the need for an overnight stay. This treatment is generally effective at healing all cases.

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