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Question by havingacownow: condoms……………………………….?
I want to know from a girl who hates condoms which ones they like……. my P*SSY doesnt even like them………. So yeah….
which ones are the best………

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Answer by Kallie G
trojan her pleasure, or trojan ultra thin spermicidal lubricated

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  1. Hmmm, you and your guy will have to experiment which ones are best. Some have flavors (for oral sex), some have ribs or dots or are twisted (for it to feel nice for you), some have lubricant, others are thin or warming for both to experience a different feeling. You and he could even try a vibrating ring. When you say your p_/ssy does’t like it, do you mean you are allergic to condoms, or just that it hurts with them? Maybe using lube will help make things more slippery and feel better? If you’re allergic to them, try a hypoallergic or non-latex one, but be careful cuz some won’t be as effective against getting pregnant.

  2. Well from a guys point of view first off let me just say oral sex while wearing a condom is just pointless and boring. Hopefully if you’re sexuallity active with a man you know they don’t have any STDs so you can forgo the condom – during oral sex. If you do have oral sex and you don’t like the taste you can buy some flavored lubricant. Strawberry is probably the best, imo.

    But I do agree that as far using condoms in general then most deffinately experiment. Just buy the boxes that only have like two condoms in them, they’re pretty cheap. And just sample like 12 different varieties.

    Personally I don’t like condoms either – doesn’t mean I don’t use them when I have to, I just don’t like them. They chaff and choke the base of my penis and just deaden the sensation for me <--- but thats just me. As for yourself if you do not like condoms as well then consider using an alternative solution like a diaphram coupled with spermacidal lubricant. The female condom I think isn't any better than the male version, and only makes even stranger noises during sex. You might consider a more long term option like deprico or that like thing they insert into the vagina (whatever they call that). But the only thing that will project against stds is the condom (male or female version). The condoms I use are either trojan magnums, ribbed for her pleasure and when I have the extra money I'll go to the adult store and buy the condoms with the little vibrating bullet (fun for both girls and men might I add) either way I use lots of lubricant and lots of foreplay to get the ball rolling so to speak. KY just came out with a new lubricant called yours and mine, its a two bottle set. One for guys, the other for girls. And it does help ummm... stimulate that area. So really if you're going to experiment with condoms also try out different lubricants. I don't know about king supers but I'm sure wal-mart. k-mart and wall greens all sell about as many kinds of lubricants and they do condoms. One trick your man can do to figure what size of condoms he should wear is to take the card board inside of a toilet paper roll and while he it totally erect, he should insert it into the roll. If it fits with little give, then any normal sized condom will work. If it does not fit, then he should go larger. And of course if there is a lot of room, he should go smaller. Hope that helps! good luck!

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