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Question by HotBabe4: Condoms???
What are condoms? And how do they work? My boyfriend and I have had unprtevted sex but know we want to have protected sex how do we use condoms?

Best answer:

Answer by Genna
Condoms go over the boy’s penis to make it so that he does not ejaculate into you.

To use a condom, all you have to do is this:

When the boy gets an erection, open the condom and slip it on over the penis. Sometimes the condom can break, which could be bad.

hope this helps
always be protected, hun

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  1. OMG how old are u if you dont know what that is then u should not be having sex!!

  2. you dont just put it over the penis, the balls too.
    the reason for that is to be sure that it doesnt slip off.

  3. lol… sorry I had to comment because someone said to put the condom over the balls…. umm…. pretty sure the guy would have to be pretty damn small to do that!! lol!!!!
    When you buy a box of condoms there are instructions inside that are helpful for beginners… you can also google it.
    Just don’t forget that condoms CAN break so maybe you should consider going on birthcontrol as well.

  4. Girl there is no such thing as a condoms

    Because there is no such thing as protection againest Chuck norries.

    Seriously though the guy needs to get an erection and then put the condom on

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