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how can i get a free condom sample from trojan?

Question by Carlos Gomez: how can i get a free condom sample from trojan?
i went to the website and couldn’t find how to get a sample if you know how please give me the link and explain how to do it thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by MeMD
Hey Carlos,

Their website is not going to offer a link to free condoms. If it/they did, they would not sell any, they would be giving them all away for free.

What you can try, is go back to their official website. Go to the “Contact them” link, and leave them a genuine message, explaining that you would like to try their condoms before first buying them. Don’t be ridiculous about it and immature and such, just saying “Will you send me free condoms”. Be mature, and ask if it is possible that they send you some samples, and that if you like them, you will be a loyal customer and buy them from then on.

It’s all about approach, and the way you use your words/speak to people. I’m not saying that in fact they will, I’m just saying that doing it this way will/might get you results.

Good luck!

N.B. I don’t know if you are wanting free Trojan condoms, or just free condoms. If you just want free condoms, there are several places in your area that will provide them. And I say this without even knowing where you are. Let me know if that is the case, And I will help you find….Free condoms if you need.

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