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how effective are lifestyles condoms?

Question by Tiffany: how effective are lifestyles condoms?
lost virginity last night anddd only used a condom…. soo how effective is lifestyles condoms?

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Answer by Melinda Sue Fritz
99 percent effective all condoms are

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  1. all condoms are 99.4% effective, they are tested to a high standard, they loose their effectiveness if they go over their use by date.

  2. If the condom didn’t break you should be fine. I strongly suggest getting on birthcontrol now. Keep in mind birth control takes about two months to be fully effective. If you always check the condom till bc and if it breaks take plan b. Plan b is about 40-50 so maybe always have that saved amount foe emergencies would be smart. Even while on bc use a condom to prevent any stds. Life styles condoms i find to be ok. Always have ur man hold the end of the
    Condom as he pulls out so the condom doesn’t slide off.

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