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is contraception haram in islam?

Question by pisceanola: is contraception haram in islam?
what if you are a newlywed and dont want kids immediately? i’m not married or anything i’m just wondering for future
dont get me wrong i DO want children its just i’m doing medicine and i want to establish my career first so i want them a bit late like 1yr after marriage cause internship is really hard. in case i do get married…

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Answer by You Know Who (suspended again)
then pull it out

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  1. Probably so. Everything else is haram in Islam.

  2. I don’t think so that is wise. You can have pills if doctor says the health of a mother could be not well or her life would be in danger if she goes for more children n all.

    Children are a blessing from Allah. We all who thinks about having it a little late, should think about those parents who are dying to have children but Allah has not blessed them yet with it. So, its a blessing from Allah and everyone should accept it . ~!

    My dear sister, I do understand that. i myself would like to enjoy few months first .. but if we really want to follow Islam, then we better follow it right way 🙂 I may get many thumbs down,. but understand my point. Pills for not having babies are not allowed until and unless there is a harm or danger to mother’s life. Thats it.

    @ ALi. Back off. You don’t love Islam so you don’t understand its beauty too. so just back off please.

  3. Ali (Condoms are Haram)

    Condoms are Haram XXX

    Islam wants world domination, Inshallah Islam will rule in numbers, so don’t use condom.

  4. i dont think it is. Pakistan is an Islamic republic and it has govt sponsored family planning programs. so has Iran.

    so much for chi chi HARAM HARAM

  5. Just get you contraception out and have sex you dummy.

    Edit: Lol yeah and Chi chi HARAAM HARAAM

  6. zainub94 - I is stoopeh

    i see what you mean. and to be honest, its not even ‘late’ – one year isnt much. but still i see wht ur concerns are. i found many lengthy explanations, n there was this one, but i wouldnt completely trust it, it might be a litl dodgy.

    edit: Allah creates life when He wants to, people using contraception cant stop Him! lol
    if u use soemthing permanent or harmful then of course it is wrong. but condoms n tht, im sure its fine. as long as ur not deliberately prolonging it for too long. to b honest i think 2 years would actualyl be too long. 1 year isnt bad though. thts in my opinion.

  7. No it is not haram.

  8. salam alikom sister

    it’s not haram in Islam,yet it’s not recommended though…
    birth controls at the beginning of ur marriage is not good for you,and i have some friends who did this,and they had all kinds of problems when they tried to get pregnant….

    there was a time when i really believed in what u say,and when i get married i want to live my life with my husband for a little bit before getting busy with having children…but after seeing other ppl’s experiences…i decided that i will leave it to Allah,maybe i won’t use a birth control and still dnt get pregnant for the first or the first couple of years,ha?

  9. inflammatory_exudate

    NO, contraception is not Haram, isa.
    i thought they r beforehand, but after listening to many opinions, i concluded they r not Haram (except sterilization which is HARAM, unless if indicated by doctors: cancer, …etc).
    one of contraception methods have NO debate AT ALL: it is intercourse in the “safe period”: the ovum is released & ready to b fertilized in the mid-cycle for about 48 hrs. so, if intercourse occurs before or after menses, NO conception would occur!!! (just avoid the menses ==> Haram, & mid-cycle ==> conception). this method also avoids risk of chronic cervicitis due to thread of IUD, & hormonal disturbance due to pills.
    regarding IUD & pills, as i mentioned before, they r (isa) Halal. as the idea of contraception is generally accepted in islam. there is a Hadith which states that Sahaba (prophet Muhamed pbuh friends) did ‘azl (doing intercourse as usual, but ejaculating semen outside vagina at the end).
    regarding other methods

  10. salam
    It appears to be halal within reason. The Q&A “Would it be permissible to take birth control to stop her menstruation in order to avoid menstruation?” at , which reflects the position of the Hanafi madhhab of Sunni Islam, stated, in part, “Birth control pills are in of themselves permitted. They are, thus, permitted to take – though superior to avoid to the extent of their harm.” The Q&A “Birth Control Pill and Periods” at expanded on this slightly: “According to contemporary scholars, it is permitted to use a birth control pill, though some recommend other means of contraception when possible because of its physical effects.” The Q&A “Refuse relations with spouse” at also treated it as halal from the perspective of the hanafi madhhab.

    For Shia Muslims, especially the muqallidin of Ayatullah Sistani, the advice of Mawlana Rizvi (Toronto) is useful. In his “Marriage and Morals in Islam” ( ), he stated, “These pills are taken orally on a precise schedule for 20 or more days during each menstrual cycle. Since all such pills inhibit ovulation, there is absolutely no problem in using them.” ( )

    The idea is that one can plan one’s family, but one cannot use birth control as a way of not having children at all unless there is an extenuating circumstance that properly validates such measures.

  11. Contraception is allwed in Islam BUT only if it does not effect your monthly cycle. It is best to seek advice from your GP or family planning.

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