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lifestyle condoms???????????????????????????????????

Question by Marcel: lifestyle condoms???????????????????????????????????
im 15 and i can fit my dads condoms (lifestyles) and i was wondering how big is a lifestyle condom was and what the next size up was, etc a trojan or magnum or something

Best answer:

Answer by Shaq
Trojan:Width: 2.28″/58mm Length: 7.87″/200mm
Trojan Magnum: Width: 2.13″/54mm Head Width: 2.36″/60mm Length: 8.07″/205mm
Life style: Width: 2.05″/52mm Length: 7.48″/190mm

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  1. There are three basic sizes of condoms…

    Snugger fit
    Magnum (or XL)

    The “standard” is the most common readily available condom and there is no indication of it’s size on the packaging as there is with the snugger fit or magnums (XL).
    You can learn more about condoms and their styles and sizes here:

  2. yes, in todays world its minor. so its useful in daily use to protect from sexual disease.

  3. trojan isnt a size neither is lifestyle there brands -.-

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