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Q&A: looking for reliable non-latex condoms?

Question by monroe.marilyn22: looking for reliable non-latex condoms?
I think i may be allergic to latex as i always have unpleasant reactions to latex condoms when I have sex… does anyone know of a reliable non latex brand/type of condom?

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Answer by norton g
monroe – In the U.S. there are currently four kinds of non latex condoms available on the market for people with latex allergies to choose from. Below are descriptions of each product. If you haven’t already read it, you may want to read more about the effectiveness of non latex condoms.

Unfortunately all these products are very expensive (double or triple the cost of latex condoms). Manufacturers claim the cost is related to the manufacturing process. This may or may not be true, but as the world population with latex allergies increases, hopefully there will be more companies making more affordable non latex condoms.

Durex Avanti Male Non Latex Condom
Avanti condoms are made by Durex, and were the first available in the U.S. They are made of polyurethane, and are thought to provide protection both against pregnancy and STDs. Avanti are much thinner than standard latex condoms, and they are also made a bit larger (unlike latex, polyurethane doesn’t stretch, so the larger size is in part to prevent breakage). Another stated benefit of polyurethane is that it transmits heat better than latex, thus enhancing sensitivity. Cost is between $ 1.50-$ 2.50 per condom.
Trojan Supra Male Non Latex Condom
Trojan Supra condoms are also made of polyurethane and have all the benefits and drawbacks of the Avanti brand. One important, and irritating, difference is that the Supra condom is only available with a spermicide lubricant. This makes little sense, as people with latex allergies may also have other allergies and chemical sensitivities, and many people react to spermicide. But there is no indication that Trojan is going to make these available without the spermicide. Supra tends to be a little less expensive, costing between $ 1-$ 1.75 per condom.
Trojan Naturalamb Natural Skin Condoms
The “original” non latex condom, people have been making condoms out of natural animal skins for centuries . These are the only version left, and while some people who use them rave about their comfort, others complain that there is a distinctly farm-like smell to them. The most important thing to know about natural membrane condoms is that they do not provide protection from STDs, they are only effective as a barrier for contraception.

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  1. as stated in the other answer durex has one but EXS also has one called protext non-latex. EXS have been selling condoms to the NHS for over 17 years so are very trustworthy.
    Check the link below to see some.

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