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Q&A: Why should we be against contraceptives?

Question by The Dimples of Venus: Why should we be against contraceptives?
It’s a debate about whether contraceptives should be legalized or not. I’m actually pro-contraceptives, but I was one of the people who was asked to represent the negative side, thus making me anti-contraceptives. Okay so we all know why contraceptives are “evil”. That’s how the Church sees it, but most of us don’t see it. And even if I say that contraceptives are against God because it defeats the purpose of sex itself. Most think there’s only one reason, but there’s actually 2. First, as most of you guys know, is for creation. The second is actually conjugal love, the intimate relationship of a married couple.
I’m really having a hard time trying to come up with opposing statements so please guys help me out here. And if you have something from the affirmative side which you can contradict as a member of the negative side that would be very much appreciated. 🙂

Affirmative A: So there are 2 reasons why sex was created by God. One is for the human race to multiply, the other is it’s one of the most intimate ways to express love in a marital relationship. So if for example you already have 2 children and you want it to stay that way, BUT YOU LOVE YOUR SPOUSE VERY MUCH and making love with him/her isn’t wrong because it’s not about pleasure but about conjugal/marital love, BUT YOU DON’T WANT CHILDREN ANYMORE, how do you do that when you can’t use artificial contraceptives to prevent that from happening? Again, this isn’t wrong because your purpose for having sex is for conjugal love, not pleasure. Can’t you use contraceptives then?
Me (NEGATIVE A): No you can’t. Contraceptives may be designed to control birth, but when using these there’s a tendency that people will abuse it. Making “love” is a means for men and women to express love in marriage. It is intimate and special, not something you can do anytime you want to or however you want it to be. Which is why there is always FAMILY PLANNING if you can’t practice ABSTINENCE. (Please correct me if I’m wrong!) (and of course I can always say practice abstinence but he can use this against me like say I won’t have sex the rest of my life with my husband even if we’re married or whatever..)
AFF B: Family planning hasn’t been really effective. And since they’re not and they get pregnant chances are they result to abortion. How do we prevent abortion? By not mindlessly engaging early in sexual activities that would lead to unwanted pregnancies. The best way to delay these early initiations to sexual relations is to instill correct sexual values along with the knowledge.
NEG B: The contraception controversy has been going on for decades. Even during those times the Church made it quite clear the usage of contraceptives was inappropriate. If it was already wrong before, what makes it less wrong now?
From here, he can already ask me one of a variety of questions but of course I wouldn’t know what it is until he’s right in front of me :p But this is all I could think of at the moment:
a)First of all, just because it’s the people of the Church who speak doesn’t mean they’re right. Like us they’re human beings as well. If the usage of contraceptives was so wrong, then why does the debate about this still up for discussion? If it was so immoral, then why don’t we all agree with it? Aren’t moral values supposed to be universal, where every rational person is in agreement? (I can say what the Church said was from the word of God itself, specifically the Bible. And the minds of the people have already been twisted around because of media and other stuff and been polluted from the wrong that look right in the world. And because contraceptives are becoming so common, people have already accepted the fact that it’s okay and not immoral because everyone is doing it.)
b)Also, the world has evolved throughout the years and things change. (I can say things change but the word of God stays the same HAHA! And I guess mention what I just said in letter a?)
…and so I am trap! LOL.
Help me out please! I don’t even know if whatever I’ve been writing here makes sense! I guess it does for me, but please if you can help me please help meee!

Best answer:

Answer by WRG
I really wish I could help you but there is just no way in the world you are going to win this debate. If for no other reason most of your points deal with what “God” wants and that has no place in law.

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  1. You’ve got the basics, primarily religious background. Others I have heard are:
    – contraceptives only make sure the well-to-do don’t breed, those that can afford them.
    – contraceptives don’t help those that cannot take medicine on schedule, whether through “disorganization”, lack of a home, or being mentally challenged.
    – contraceptives permit sex acts between persons that don’t have to be sure they want to commit, which tends to further spread disease.

    And I’m with you, contraceptives are not only moral, but are required to prevent future collapse.

    One interesting thing is that affluence seems to be a very good contraceptive. Sex is cheap, but less interesting than the other distractions we (can) surround ourselves with. So getting computers and such to the third world is a really great idea. When someone can look beyond the end of their sex organs, they start to have choices.

  2. If I go to hell for using contraceptives then so be it. If I ever get married you can rest assure that I will be using them. STD’s and kids are two things that I never won’t, and I don’t feel anyone should be in more control of that than myself. No one!!!!

  3. The Catholic church has been the largest religious organization against contraceptives, maybe the Mormons too – don’t know that much about them.

    Legally, contraceptives are legal. They are sold with a prescription in every drugstore in every modern country in the world. Condoms, in the US anyway are available to anyone of any age in just about every grocery, drug store and convenience store.

    Your question: Contraceptives ARE legal. Only some churches ban them and that is a whole different question.

    The only arguments you have against contraceptives are going to be religious ones. There are some health risks for some people, but largely contraceptives ARE safe to use, especially condoms.

    Abstinence only education does not work when it is used in a vacuum. When abstinence only is combined with sex education it does work. Do children still get pregnant? Yes they do. Kids are curious and many will still have sex and some will get pregnant and some will get STD’s, BUT the rates are much lower when kids know how to protect themselves.

  4. Many religious communities consider it a sacred duty for everybody to create and raise as many children as possible because throughout much of the world mortality rates were high and you needed lots of children to work the farm, protect your village, work in the local factory, fight wars, etc. In that context, making sex that’s purely for recreation socially unacceptable makes some sense. However, this attitude has become largely obsolete in the first world nations where overpopulation is becoming a problem, but people are often deeply rooted in their religious traditions and slow to change their views.
    However, there were also non-religious people who tried to ban contraception and abortion, such as the communist Romanian dictator Nikolai Ceausescu who wanted to increase the labor force of his country (and basically just treated women as baby-making machines for the state).

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