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whats a good condom company?

Question by fill: whats a good condom company?
i have several questions 1. do condoms have sizes and if so how do i tell which is for me without buying it? 2. wats the best one to pleasure my partner? 3. wats are good condom companies that arent to cheap or to expensive? and 4. what type of lube do i use with different types of condoms

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Answer by Clement L
trojan/durex. personally, i use magnum (just kidding). any size except magnum will fit. DON’T SPARE ANY EXPENSE WHEN IT COMES TO THIS. Also, only porn stars use lube, we use spit. who cares about pleasuring your partner, look out for #1, you know what i’m saying>?

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  1. 1. yes small-XL if its long large, below average of 5-6 small

    2 ones with lubrication on both sides and ones that say they will do so

    3. Durex, Trojans

    4. any will work but you won;t really need it

  2. Rough Riders.

  3. 1 yes they have sizes and it should say it on the box. medium large or xl or magnum.
    2 it will say for her pleasure
    3 i like my partner to use Trojans
    4 i use ky regular when i’m alone but ky intense w/ him

  4. trojan is the best company, magnum is their largest size…..partner won’t care as long as it doesn’t come off or break….a box of twelve magnums is twelve dollars at walgreens,,, child support is 200.00-500.00 per month….. any lube that does not say “do not use with condoms” lube is sold in same display with condoms.. 3-5.00 per tube….apply lube to partner, not to condom…..

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