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Adult toys?

Question by spicyromance4u: Adult toys?
I Do toy parties. I have had the pleasure of helping some couples that had just LOST the romance and passion.

So what are your thoughts?
Do you believe more spice in the bedroom enhances a relationship?

Best answer:

Answer by unique4some
of course. if it didn’t you wouldn’t have the job you do. 🙂

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  1. well to me i would say yes but when u have someone who only wants it when he does and never thinks about you then what

  2. It can, but i mean, it really does all depend on the relationship, some are just not savable. Or worth enhancing.

    But for those who are, it defiantly can help.

  3. i never use the bedroom… 😉 that is for sleeping… the rest of the house is for sex… 😀

  4. I say it can help or hurt a relationship. It can help put the spark back in the bedroom, or it can show the couple that they aren’t really compatible sexually.

  5. sheloves_dablues

    Spice in the bedroom can enhance a relationship. But you don’t need adult sex toys to have a spicy love life.

  6. Yes it can’t hurt.I feel that the reason people cheat is because they want something that they are not getting in their current relationship and if more people would spice up their sex life this would not happen.

  7. yes of course it does

  8. sphinxxikitten13

    Maybe not MORE spice, but at least keeping the spice helps lol.

    Like you said they lost their romance & passion, and those are both needed lol

  9. what we do in the bedroom is our business… noone else’s… I don’t share anything about what we do or how often we do it w/ anyone… adult parties in my opinion mess up the sacredness of a marraige…

    if people have problems they should talk to each other about sex, not other people…

    it’s supposed to be something 2 people share w/ each other, and each other only… sex is sacred…

  10. beentheredonethat

    Without a doubt it enhaces a relationship. What could be more personal, more intimate than having that kind of fun with someone you love? It’s something special between the two of you.

  11. familydrywall1970

    Not everyone believes in toys. For some it is against religion. Personally I love the things you sell. A nice piece of lingerie can even set a mood.

  12. My aren’t we all progressive!

    Spicing up your love life with porn, sex toys, and other people doesn’t enhance a relationship in a good way. They only put a band-aid on the real problem—you don’t love each other like you should. By introducing these foreign things into your intimacy, you’re replacing romance with perversion and passion with unbridled lust.

  13. I think it is very important. I have seen how first hand these types of parties, even when no purchase is made, can spice things up. Adults film star Jenna Jameson says “the best sex starts in the mind”, the thoughts provoked at these parties can really spark a fire in a relationship that has gone stagnant.

  14. Yup, that’s why we own more toys than I can count. It’s fun.

  15. Sure it does. There are all kinds of things that we can do and explore on one another with toys!! Both men and women!!!

    Toys have certainly helped out my sex life!!! While it isn’t all that we do it is a fun part of it!!! And I can’t get enough and my husband and I are like high school kids again. We just can’t get enough of one another. We are always excited about trying some of the new and exciting stuff out there!!!

    I think that spicing is a great way to really learn alot about your partner and they to learn about you!! We all hold back a little but spicing it up lets it all come out with out embarassment!!!

  16. Of course! It does help a lot! But so far, I’m thankful that me and my hubby don’t have to rely on sex toys (yet). He’s happy just to see me in sexy lingerie and it’s enough spice for us.


    Most definately! I believe this so much that I do “those” parties too!

  18. Adult toys? Oh yes, I like them. By the way,im going to share a site,you can get what you need.

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