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Can women buy sex toys for men?

Question by Shadow: Can women buy sex toys for men?
i’m not married yet , but can a wife or girlfriend buy his man a sex toy ? just so that when the female doesn’t always wants to have sex. she can be sure that he will not cheat on her. because he will turn to these toys for some relief? it is somewhat like a women substitute for men. Is it offensive for women to buy her man sex toys? pls answer . thxxx….

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Answer by whynot

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  1. That is really dumb.

  2. Why not? Mostly I think they should be used to supplement during sexual activity, not replace. As as a substitute for a woman is not a good thing.

  3. As a general rule, sex toys for men are very lame, and guys aren’t going to turn to them for relief. They’ll use their hand like they always did.

    You can’t be sure that your guy won’t cheat on you, other than just knowing them well and trusting them. Giving them a toy won’t keep him from straying.

    Even if you gave an adult film to him and a bottle of hand lotion, it won’t make one iota of difference. What you can do is direct him to a place where he can read erotic fiction, such as

    You need to have confidence in your ability to keep your man happy, so that he won’t even think about straying, and he is willing to wait for the next time he can love you.

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