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How do you find someone that can do a sex toy party?

Question by greenss: How do you find someone that can do a sex toy party?
I am trying to organize a sex toy party for my sister-in-laws that would enjoy the first time experience of this type of party. I am really lost at this…..any help???? its for their birthdays.. they are kind of close. one will be 25 & the other 22.

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Answer by pinayy

looks fun haha good luck!

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  2. they are against the law in most states

  3. Brown Bag Parties by Dee

    If you are looking to hostess a party for your sister/sister-in-law, you will be looking for an experienced consultant that will work with you and have the party the way YOU want. I highly suggest you go to and submit a request for a consultant. Being a consultant for the company, I can help you find a consultant in your area that will schedule a party with you. Just let me know!


    I’m a Director with For Your Pleasure and have reps all over the US. Please contact me via my website and I’ll contact you with a rep in your area.

    Thank you!

  5. Fabulous idea for a birthday party! Consider hosting a Pure Romance party!

    One of the many benefits of booking with Pure Romance is that most consultants carry inventory with them, which means your guests can take their orders home with them the night of the show – no waiting!

    If any products do need to be shipped, they will be sent directly to the customer, so you as a hostess will not be responsible for delivering orders to guests.

    To locate a local consultant in your area, visit the website below and click “Host a Party” you’ll be connected with a local consultant in your area. Or contact me directly and I can connect you with someone local. Have fun with it! It will defninitely be a party which will be talked about for months after it’s over!

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