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only for womens …?

Question by ash: only for womens …?
please only females .. i , 15 yr girl having no hairs above my vagina is it normal ? if not what to do ? i mastbate by fingure twice a week .is it ok ? i have fair vagina . i want to make it extra fair and silky .. is there any fairness cream fir that ? where i can get sex toys ? should i use them ?

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  1. You should have grown hair by now and you should defiently tell your doctor

  2. You should have hair there by now. You are supposed to get hair there 2 years before your period.

  3. alrite babe, soz if its personal but have u started ur period yet? if not u just havent started puberty yet, well tbh you should have got hair by now, and you should have started puberty, but there is sch fing as late starters, talk to a nurse, or your mum, or a female you can trust !! if u want ne more help u can go on sites to help ya ! and the sex toys, sweet heart w8 til ur old enof to buy em !and its ok to masturbate its healty xxxxx

  4. its okay if you dont have hair its always safer to masturbate but i dont think sex toys are for anyone your age your hair down there should be natural and kind of course

  5. Why do yo want hair…guys will only make you wax it off.
    As far as sex toys…try hanging out in the boys washroom.

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