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Q&A: Does anyone know what is a good sex toy for a man ?

Question by todd: Does anyone know what is a good sex toy for a man ?
I want a really good sex toy.. One that will stimulate me really good.. I,ve payed alot of money for some but they really weren,t worth the while.. I see some that I would like to try but for the money I want to make sure it is worth it.. I found out that some cheaper ones are better.. does anyone know if there are any expensive ones that are better ?

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Answer by hollywood lovr
Bunny Slippers…LOL i have no idea i’m not a guy

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  1. umm me, you power me up and I satisfy you

  2. I recently bought a stripper pole in February, and let me tell you, it is definitely fun. You will have fun and your boyfriend will definitely be pleased. Come on, what man wouldn’t want to see a pole in his girlfriend’s room. It’s becoming more common these days, not as slutty as you may think. I bought one at Spencer’s for $ 135 and it’s portable and easy to install. I had tons of fun!!

  3. A five ten blonde with a big chest

  4. there are masturbators and vajayjay simulators. Search google them and you should find some.

  5. It would help if you told us what you’ve tried before and didn’t like, but I’ll still try.

    I keep hearing really good things about the Tenga line of masturbatory sleeves:

    Of course, Fleshlights are very popular as well.

    When it comes to internal toys, I still think the Aneros prostate toy is the most famous on the market.

    And in terms of couple’s toys, you can’t go wrong with a We Vibe.

  6. When you’re thinking about buying a sex toy it’s important to take a few things into account: quality of the product, design, and materials (what it’s made of).

    A masturbation sleeve mimics the size, shape, and feel of the inside of a vagina or rectum, or sometimes a mouth. Generally used with lube, these toys can provide an alternative to the digital variety of loving your love-maker.

    Here is a link with all types of sex toys for men:


  7. I just got this new toy a few weeks ago. It’s called the Men’s Pleasure Wand and it’s made by Doc Johnson. My wife used it on me and I loved it. The vibrations are strong and really stimulate your prostate. I never experienced a dry orgasm till I used something like this. You can get this and other adult sex toys at We have many discount sex toys. If you have any questions you can feel free to contact me.

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