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Q&A: What’s an egg sex toy?

Question by Not Lenny!: What’s an egg sex toy?
How does it work? what do you do with it

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Answer by Icky
Sounds kinky!

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  1. 28 weeks pregnant with a boy

    From my knowledge it’s a small egg shaped vibrator. You use it in sex hence the name sex toy.

  2. An egg sex toy is a versatile vibrator that’s shaped like an egg. It’s often used for clitoral stimulation but it ca also be inserted. The egg sex toy is generally considered a classic female sex toy and they’re sort of like ‘old faithful.’ They can always seem to get the job done. The egg sex toy is basically a larger version of the bullet sex toy which can be found after entering here and selecting online shopping. There’s a whole bullet section and a lot of attachments.

    Hopefully that helps :))


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