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Straight guy wants to buy an anal toy?

Question by : Straight guy wants to buy an anal toy?
I’m a very liberal guy. Y’know pro-gaymarriages. I’m also completely straight. The thought of men do not turn me on in the slightest bit. It kinda repulses me.

I want to buy an anal toy online. I’ve stuck things up in that region before, but now I want to buy something specifically made for it.

The ones I want are green, but they’re in the shape of a man’s penis. Would this be weird if I buy it?
What if I have a girlfriend one day and she finds the stuff? What do I say?

The thing that concerns me most is the shape of the toy. It’s in my budget and big enough, but would it be weird cause of the shape?

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Answer by Antifascist Antiracist Stalin
you want to stick something up your anus?

I think you may be gay.

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  1. don’t forget to lube up .

  2. well while ur shopping online u should buy a key to unlock the closet in which u r trapped

    omg that was a good one!! im sorry but it really was =P

    good luck butt pluggin it!

  3. I’d consider you gay. I don’t know why you think you are straight if you are a guy and want something up your a**.

  4. Hahaa that’s what they all say…

  5. Who cares! If you want it, buy it! Thats how I feel about life.

  6. Wanting to use anal toys during sex/foreplay doesn’t make you gay. I’m a straight woman, and if I found a penis shaped anal toy in my boyfriend’s drawer, I’d be shocked. I’d definitely think he’s gay. But if he told me about how he likes this, and the shape of the toy doesn’t actually matter…it’s just convenient…and he explains that he isn’t gay, then I’d be fine with it. It’s just another fetish, and it’s totally fine.

    Sexual orientation isn’t about where/how you want to be screwed, but what sex of person you want to screw.

  7. please try again

    Get a harness for it too. If you can find a very open-minded woman who will wear it, that could be pretty fun!

  8. don’t be ashamed of who you are and what turns you on.

  9. Newsflash: Anal sex is not the exclusive domain of gay men. (And some gay men don’t engage in anal at all.) People of all orientations engage in, and enjoy anal. As others have already said, make sure to use plenty of water based lube and a condom over your dildos.


  10. Nah it’s not weird. A lot of men want to try anal out so they have their girlfriend finger them or something. Since you’re single it’s only natural that you look for something else to stimulate your anus. So don’t sweat it.

    Umm if a future girlfriend catches it? Umm, then you’d have to explain to her your dilemma. Hopefully you’re dating someone who understands. But until you’re ready to whip it out for her, just hide it somewhere she’ll never find it (under the mattress?).

    Good Luck 🙂

  11. Simply because you want “pleasure” doesn’t necessarily make you homosexual. It’s possible you are but you need to self-evaluate yourself to find the answer to that question. On the contrary to other Answerers, I would not consider you gay. Rather, I would think of yous as open minded and adventurous.
    Best of luck!
    -Danny T.

  12. Your probably not gay. It is perfectly fine for a guy to like anal, to stick things up there, etc. If your girlfriend finds it, she might think it is a little weird, but if you explain it to her, she might understand…
    or if your scared to do that, you could always lie.

  13. This is the weirdest question I have ever seen. I can’t stop laughing! xD
    I can’t believe your serious about buying something like that! It’s kinda gross.
    I say buy it, but when you get a girlfriend, lock it in a suitcase that’s locked in a closet that’s located in a room you hardly/never use, with a lock on it. x3

  14. Heartbroken 'n' Cry. ='(

    not gay..just submissive. find yourself a dominant girlfriend to butt phuck you with a strap on. rofl.

  15. Rocco Rupperecht- hamish

    no i dont think you’re gay, there’s alot of nerve endings in that area and it feels good to stimulate it. i really think there is too much focus on labels when it comes to sex and gender. personally i think you can do what you want with who you want, where you want it, as long as all parties are consenting, and you’re only gay or straight based on who you want to fall in love with.

    but no thats not gay.

  16. Many straight men experiment with anal play. What ever you are into that is you’re Business . If you like it do it… when you find that girl that you can be your self with that’s the keeper. So if you don’t like the shape find a new one there are thousands of all shapes and sizes.(lots of green ones too, even in the shape of Obama’s head)

  17. anal is not just for gay boys cause I like it 🙂
    i think it’s normal for stright boys to do that umm unless you *are* in the closet

  18. Lots of str8 guys like anal, they are just not too open about it because society says only gay people have anal sex, not the case so much…let us know how you like it. And if you get a gf, just tell her, it was a gag present from your friends.

  19. there are specific anal toys made for males called prostate massagers, you could try one of those

    just because they toy that you want is in the shape of a penis doesn’t mean a thing, it’s the feel of it, not the actual penis you like.

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