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What age does a female purchase her first sex toy?

Question by knk724: What age does a female purchase her first sex toy?
i hear women in their 30’s have sex toys (vibes, etc.) but do females in their 20’s have them too? i recently went to a pleasure party and was the youngest one there (i’m 23) and i have yet to buy these types of things. so when does the average women get her first sex toy?

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Answer by Isadora01
Thirties? How about as soon as she’s old enough to walk into a sex shop? Or was that just me…

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  1. she gets it wen she is 20.hurry up!!!!

  2. Heather_Feather

    I got my first when I was 19 – I am 33 now and have 4 different toys… You should look into buying something for yourself… toy+glass of wine+hot bath = who needs/misses a man! lol

    Good Luck!

  3. you can buy you first sex toy as early or as late on as you like.
    I know people that got them 18/19 and also people who hadn’t experimented with them till late 30’s.
    They can be a fun part to a healthy sex life…. buy one and test it out.

  4. If you WANT one then GET one.

    If you DON’T… then fine!

    What does age matter? Any grrl from 13 to 93 is eligible…

  5. every women is diffrent it depeneds how a women is sexually active im 22 and im curious about it. if ill see one ill buy it. to try it out. why so many people have them and does it really works

  6. lorenzphotography

    There’s no age limit. Get one when you want one! It’s fun to experiment, and most guys are thrilled to discover that the girl they’re dating is a little kinky, no matter how old they are. I bought my first vibrator in Australia when I was 21.

    If you’re embarassed about going into a store, you can always order one online.

  7. i wont beat around the bush with this but i bought my first toy when i was 18 bc how can offer your body to a mna and expect for him to satisfy you when you dont even know how you want to be satisfied. thats where the toy comes into play. so by the time you get ready to give up some goods you can distinguish whats better or what needs to be worked on, whether its him or the toy and plus the toy will not give you any problems lol. its him but luckily the toy has brought some pleasure and you’ll be thankful for the toy amd thanking me at the same time trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  8. …at the age in which she identifies it’s ok and desirable to wanna decide to create fabulous sensual erotic pleasure herself…for herself…all by herself…really! We men have been doing it for years seriously…we men already own our own toy!….remember? Why shouldn’t a woman not own her own toys too? LOL!!! (silly question) I have more if you really require it!

  9. Some teenage women buy them. Often women (and men) will make do with what they have around the house. So women and men will improvise and use found objects as sex toys, or buy items that are marketed for other purposes.

  10. I can’t find any statistics on the average age that a woman purchases her first sex toy, but suffice to say, I know lots of very young women in their 20’s who own sex toys (myself included!). It doesn’t reflect at all on you to own it whether you’re 18 or 60 . . . they all do the same thing (namely, get us off) and if you want one, go for it!

  11. I was 25 when I got my first.

  12. I was 17 when I got my first one. I bought it out of a catalog that was selling it as a back massager hehehe

    Of course now that I’m older I can buy the kind that are more fun, and I can bargain shop to get better deals on them too.
    This site, for example gives you a 5% discount if you use promo code 3v1 and they have free shipping!

  13. Age really has nothing to do with it. Your sex drive and creativity play a bigger roll. Women of all ages are enjoying them.

    When you decide that you want one to add to your relationship or just want one for your own self discovery is the perfect time and your will be the age you need to be…for you. Feel free to check out my website that has many toys and the stuff that goes with them and what they can do for you is also listed.


  14. I just bought my first one a couple of days ago!
    I am 18 and have just wanted one for some time and was finally able to muster the courage to get one!

    I can’t give you any advice on buying/using them since I am a “virgin” at this… however, if you feel you want one I say go for it!!

    Good luck!

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