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What sex toys would you recommend (adult only)?

Question by Ryan: What sex toys would you recommend (adult only)?
I really like using a vibrating cock ring. What other options are good ones? Me and my wife are new to trying this whole toy thing out! Any suggestions?

And why would you recommend those toys?

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  1. My husband and I went through the same thing a couple of years ago but luckily we found a site that really got our imaginations going.

    Picking sex toys can be like going shopping with a complete stranger, some of the things you like your wife wont and vice versa. This is not necessarily a bad thing though as you both become closer as you experiment.

    The best thing to do is visit one of the sex toy sites out there and just sit one night with a glass of wine and browse through it.

    Most of the toys have descriptions with them so you should be able to decide if its for you or not. My husband and I absolutely love as the selection is out of this world.

    Everything they have has been broken down into specific categories so if you are unsure, go to the ones that to you sound familiar and then go from there.

    My favorite toy is my rabitt so theres a starting point for you.

    Good luck and most of all have fun.

  2. just get a regular rubber cock ring, it’ll give you the hardest erection you’ve ever had

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