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where can i secretly buy sex toys,?

Question by hello b: where can i secretly buy sex toys,?
im man (YES my avatar is misleading) preferably a mail in order.i don’t want to use a credit card, and everything has to be VERY discreet, maybe a pickup at my post office would work best.

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Answer by wera
I can recommend you a good and discreet sex shop:

Moreover, this sex shop offers discounts and free shipping from $ 40.

Discretion is guaranteed and the order could be received after 2-3 days.

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  1. Here’s a great site, and the packaging and billing is VERY discreet. Trust me, I use it quite often. Good luck!


    I swear by this site. Every package arrives exactly on the date of your receipt. Includes tracking number so no surprise packages at the door for the wife or friends to find. Plus they are running black friday deals, but they run deals all the time! Just check out any of their social media sites (facebook, tumblr, twitter) they always have coupon codes floating around. You can pay by phone long as you use the reference code: adult_full_tilt_bdsm tell the operator that and you can pay by check, credit card, or mail in money order. Or another idea is go to Walmart and pick up a re loadable visa card. Load the card with the money and use that on the site. Its very easy and they have a massive selection.

  3. The best place you can secretly and discreetly buy sex toys online is on:

    no matter what you order, it will arrive in plain packaging so no one will know what’s inside. Also, on your credit card statement the charge will say it’s from “atlantic innovations” so no one will have any idea where its from!

  4. I would recommend, they have 24/7 customer support with 30 days money back guarantee. you can also use the offer code at the banner to save 50% off discount, FREE discreet shipping, FREE romance kit on your entire order.

  5. Amazon has to be one of the best websites to purchase adult sex toys for a number of reasons.

    Have a look at their full array of Adult Toys at

    1 / They have a massive selection which is much larger than any adult stores you have visited.
    2 / They have prices among the cheapest on online.
    3 / Nobody would ever call into question a delivery from Amazon and they ship in plain packaging.
    4 / You can rely on them unconditionally and they offer the very best on the internet buying experience.
    5 / You can utilize an Amazon Locker to really secure your personal privacy if there is one available in your city

    Enjoy … !!!

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