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Who have invented dildos?

Question by Roudrunner: Who have invented dildos?

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Answer by springo88
I don;t know but whoever it was.. THANKYOU>.. LMAO

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  1. I think it came from the Garden of Eden. It came from the banana tree.

  2. dannys_princess27

    The word Dildo comes from a Latin word meaning to “open wide”. Dildos are represented throughout history in erotic painting, and were often quite beautifully designed, being works of art themselves.

    Historians do not know who invented the dildo but most believe that dildo’s most likely originated in Asia. Dildos have been found in China that date back as early as the New Stone Age, that’s more than 12,000 years ago and most recently a tomb was uncovered from the Han Dynasty in Xian, China that was home to a rather interesting collection of dildos. Seven cast bronze dildo’s were discovered and evidence indicates that they were used by palace maids on sexually deprived imperial concubines or aristocratic women during the Han Dynasty. You go girls!

    Also discovered in ancient China , are hand crafted dildo’s which double as works of art that are made of wood, jade, and ivory.

    Dildo’s were wildly popular in Ancient Greece and the city of Miletus was a major dildo manufacturer of what was known in its day as olisbos, mostly made out of stone, wood or padded leather. They were made for single, lonely (and most likely lesbian) women and the lubricant of choice at that time was olive oil.

    It is also depicted that unripened bananas were commonly used in ancient Arab and Polynesian countries.

    The most shocking dildo discovery is the ancient African variant which was reportedly made of camel dung, coated with layers of resin. Somebody was horny?

    Meanwhile, anyone who’s ever eyed their broomstick lustily may take comfort in the knowledge that in centuries past Celtic women danced beneath the full moon in the freshly plowed fields, sometimes even ritually masturbating themselves with short-handled brooms (to bring fertility to the earth before planting). Sometimes they would coat the broom stick with psychoactive drugs!

    Besides use for pleasure, dildos were often used in deflowering ceremonies. In some cases, dildos were attached to statues, as in the case of Priapus, a Greek god of Ancient Greece whose erect stone statue was used to pierce the hymen of young aristocratic women to better prepare them for marriage. Granted it often took a little doing, but with assistance and diligent persistence, the maiden would clamber aboard the erect member and wriggle her way to ecstasy. While some ladies were out to lose their virginity, others were seeking the blessings of fertility. For example, Ancient Egyptian women who had trouble getting pregnant believed they could improve their fertility by masturbating by moonlight atop the stone phallus of Amon-Ra. In the 1990s, the Egyptian government began posting armed guards at some of the more popular statues of Amon-Ra because Egyptian women were wearing these archaeological treasures down through many centuries of the practice. Yikes!

    In more recent times, women’s personal toys have often been disguised as items of health. Vibrators were invented in the Victorian Era as a treatment, during the mid 1800’s women were treated for what physicians called “hysteria”. Women frustrated in their sexual release. The physician would massage his patient’s clitoris until “paroxysm” or orgasm was achieved. He would often dispense an apparatus that, although phallus shaped, was referred to as a therapeutic device.

    In the earlier part of the 20th century, dildos and vibrators began to make their appearance in women’s magazines and catalogues disguised as massagers or “A device for anxiety and female tension”. Sold through Sears Roebuck, these toys were described as aids that every woman would love. Their uses were encouraged as a way to keep women relaxed and content.
    Todays dildo’s are what they are today due to the porn industry. The porn industry in the late sixtees early seventies, took the bold steps to introduce dildo’s strictly for the female erotic pleasures. Today, dildo’s are popular for both men and women!

    The first electrical dildo was sold in 1911.
    A town in Newfoundland is named Dildo. Allegedly the name originates from the town’s earlier industry in the 19th century – carving dildos from whalebone.
    The band Steely Dan is named after a giant dildo.

  3. The world’s oldest known dildo is a siltstone 20-centimeter phallus from the Upper Palaeolithic period 30,000 years ago that was found in Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm, Germany.

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