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why do women go for sex toys?

Question by Brown P: why do women go for sex toys?
why do women go for sex toys when the real things avilable a lot? plus guys waiting for just a phone call to do everything . so why do women prefer fake things ? Are there any sexy toys for men ? if yes, what kind and how to use ?

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Answer by dreamy
same like why men masturbate?

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  1. Ummm because some people like to go about their sexual urges alone. Yes there are toys for men, try a google search and you will find there are heaps!

  2. starve_me_skinny

    The “real thing” doesn’t vibrate like a toy does.

  3. Many women go for sex toys because they dont’ wish to engage in sex with a man at that particular time, they don’t want the physical intimacy sometimes. At least a vibrator doesn’t roll over, fart and snore.
    Sex toys for men could be as simple as a “pocket pussy” basically a latex type material that’s shaped like a vagina. Depending on the man there are various other things that could be used as sex toys. Google it, you’ll come up with a million and one sites.

  4. women use sex toys to enhance their sex lives. my husband loves when we use them together and would prefer i use them instead of another man when he is away. there are sex toys for men and some unisex toys. there are blow up dolls some with holes for 3 entrances I’m sure you can figure out how to use it. fake vagina’s I’m sure you could figure out what to do with that to. and then their are anal beads butt plugs whips cuffs and rings and many others. and men can use a vibrator to.
    oh yes and some women find it easier to have orgasm with a vibrator.

  5. apparently toys ‘work’ better than the real thing

  6. Men and women enjoy variety. The fact is, because women take longer to reach orgasm, many do not fully enjoy sex with a man, however experienced he is. If he is a thoughtful lover, he’ll offer lots of foreplay to get the woman ahead of him before he enters her, allowing them both to climax. Too often, men neglect this.

    Toys of all kinds exist for both sexes. Men can enjoy various masturbation devices including artificial vaginas and dolls. However, a lot of men use dildos inserted anally, just as women use them vaginally (and anally). Men generally are shy about revealing their use or ownership of such a device, but the anus has a huge number of nerve endings and provides access to stimulate the prostate; so though they don’t necessarily talk about it, men often do use dildos (or their own fingers) when having solo sex.

    Apart from toys, there are other fetish practices both sexes use, including S&M devices such as nipple clamps, self-bondage (particularly of the penis and testes) and leather straps/equipment.

    Whatever makes it fun for you – go ahead and do it!

  7. I dont like toys, nothing is better than the real thing.

  8. sex toys are more pleasant it is big variety of them. Every women could choose vibe for her specially places.

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