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Buying Condoms at the local walmart pretending to be gay

Joe and I (lovers) buy condoms for after hour pleasures.

"Search Results - Women Looking For Men"


  1. You no what fuck my iPod

  2. hahaha,

  3. Paranoid*

  4. There’s always that one kid who’s so periodic. Like why’s if my dead long
    lost cousin walks buy us in the condominium part of Walmart. Calm the fuck
    down kid

  5. lmao going too far -___-

  6. Samuel Wisniewski

    Nope. I am getting rammed in the butt as I type this.

  7. Well, I’m Canadian. 😉

  8. Boner City- about to jizz district!!!

  9. Samuel Wisniewski

    what? you on pcp?

  10. Samuel Wisniewski

    Ok. I am making the noose right now. I am going to “trayvon” myself

  11. Samuel Wisniewski

    ewww what are you. gay?

  12. stop lieing yall fuck lol

  13. Samuel Wisniewski

    fags need to die

  14. wow, the cashier is really cute lol

  15. I don’t think it does

  16. owntokillbusiness

    you guys need to pool your money to buy condoms haha. that is quite sad.

  17. Samuel Wisniewski

    We were playing Hitlers anthem

  18. Samuel Wisniewski

    my channel sucks

  19. Samuel Wisniewski

    tell me more

  20. DJwarproductions1

    Yes. I am and its different for acting gay and being gay.

  21. What the fuck is wrong with you? Being gay is nothing to be ashamed about.
    I definitely don’t care what people think about me and I have been with my
    boyfriend for almost 2 years now. And I’m only 16. Some people need to
    learn how to grow up.

  22. Should stay behind the computer screen.

  23. LOL okay please, please do. Forever spell something incorrectly LOL please
    continue making yourself look stupid haha. If your trying to troll, you are
    failing so hard lolololol because I really hope your not being serious, I
    mean you can’t be THAT dumb, can you? XD

  24. Samuel Wisniewski

    and I’ve been stuffing garden hoses up my ass since I was 13

  25. u guys act too well at being gay

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