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I LOVE YOU ALL ­čśÇ MEOW! ^-^ ÔŁĄSUBSCRIBE: All my Vlogs: T-SHIRTS: If you buy a s…
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GTA 5 PC Release Date + Pre-Order Release Date Info + News! ÔľĚ 500 Likes for a ‘Destroy Everything’ Mod tonight! ÔľĚ Subscribe here – ÔľĚ A…

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  1. I have a black and pink retro phone´╗┐

  2. My pet peeve is when youtubers leave comments like these.

  3. theHiddenFatality

    I’m just saying that dollar bills don’t have value here

  4. I was being sarcastic….therefore you are more gullible than I.

  5. Gerbrand van dijk

    Come on raya new mail time, I stopt playing call of duty and kept watching
    your video’s you have grown a lot! (In the quality of your content
    offcource) @GirlGoneGamer

  6. Do a birthday series u can say happy Bday to them trust me it will make
    their day!

  7. samuel alex gabriel gomez

    The jokes at the end was from nobodyepic

  8. I do! ;D

  9. make another mail time!!!!!!!!

  10. carter battaglia

    i do!!

  11. oGlitchez krave

    Do a mail time

  12. Jatheeshan Uthayakunar

    Pause @8:16 Trust me

  13. CATS!!!!!!

  14. theHiddenFatality

    awkward moment when Canadians have dollar coins and not bills…

  15. He’s been stalking u

  16. they don’t make them any more but they where made i have one from the
    centennial of Canadian confederation

  17. I’m also South African ­čśÇ

  18. Amsterdam isnt in Poland dumbass!… wait a minute….

  19. That’s not Canadian money… Phenix isn’t even in Canada.

  20. You should’ve had Syndicate read that British letter

  21. when you go to holland in in like december or november you get chocolate
    letters evreywhere it for sinterklaas its where cristmas comes from.

  22. Berserkunnerzoid13

    K we dont use a canadian dollar we use loonies and toonies

  23. Canadian dollars are actually coins, so the one you received is really old
    and could be worth more than a dollar.

  24. Great video Granty, also, your outro song is awesome. ´╗┐

  25. NoCopyrightSounds

    You don’t waste anytime mate! Only released that track 3hours ago!´╗┐

  26. Great Video! Granty :)´╗┐

  27. Rick Jason Villaflor

    can’t wait for video editor in gta 5.´╗┐

  28. UnifishgamingHD - GTA V Funtages, Glitches & More

    Hi Granty!´╗┐

  29. Is there gonna be a tutorial to mod gta on the pc´╗┐

  30. defo getting the pc version especially as im generally a pc gamer!´╗┐

  31. ok nice but we are till fuling waiting for heists……fucking rockstar´╗┐

  32. What car are u using?´╗┐

  33. GTA 5 PC Pre-Order possible date?!´╗┐

  34. Yeaaaa!´╗┐

  35. 17th of march was what I heard´╗┐


  37. Yes 100% GTA V on PC´╗┐

  38. PeepzaHazMyNoze

    i’m gonna get it´╗┐

  39. Lol, elgiganten is norwegian #NorwayAllTheWay´╗┐

  40. jayred ellie balid

    So exited´╗┐

  41. Do u think I care so shut up pussy at least I have a girlfriend unlike
    unlike u who date ur mother fucker´╗┐

  42. I will be getting it on pc just think of the mods :0 NICe video´╗┐

  43. Only 32 players severs that sucks´╗┐

  44. deadpixelgaming

    Definitely getting this on PC once I can pre – order

  45. What is the point of gta 5 on pc? When i played gta san andreas on pc it’s
    annoying so just use it on your ps3 or xbox because pc games are pointless´╗┐

  46. I hope you can use your same online character on pc.´╗┐

  47. pc gamer FTW!´╗┐

  48. I can’t wait for the mods and online :D´╗┐

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