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Condom Lesson from TTC of

Condom Lesson from TTC of

Update:7/26/12 – Wow, guys…over 200k hits, I’m flattered! This was one of my first attempts at a video blog, so I apologize for the quality of the image an…
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Comment Mettre un Préservatif Féminin : How to Put on a Female Condom

comment mettre un préservatif féminin : how to put on a female condom एक महिला कंडोम पर डाल करने के लिए कैसे how to put on a female condom female condom vs m…
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  1. Heather Williams


  2. Is that clean

  3. Can I ask should you take a break after you leave a load of cum? All over
    her face?

  4. Made this so you could buy a condom right? I do the same all the time, but
    make sure you get magnums. Girl love the magnums.

  5. thesunnyguy12345


  6. Why does she have a toy?

  7. I chew them after I use them, specialy flavored ones

  8. listening to your comments are about as time consuming and uncomfortable as
    it would be to get a condom put on by this chick LAME!!!

  9. Thumbs up if U Need Help XD

  10. @Ashleyuk1984 ok its not that funny the second time go away small child

  11. bubblepeppermints

    hey did anyone else think they were on the awesome side of youtube

  12. perky balls

  13. Thank you so much. This helped a lot

  14. wish my cock looked like that

  15. wtf is every 1 on here 13! tee hee she has a dildo! woopdy fucking doo A
    LOT of women, maybe even ur mom, has em…and perhaps she is a sex ed
    teacher…………either way….grow the f up people!!!

  16. can you do this video on my one?

  17. you know how you got here…


  19. put the condom on myself? D: but im a girl!!!

  20. this demotivates me to use these

  21. I like how she made sure we knew what type of dildo she was using

  22. i think its funny this person has a dildo.

  23. this dick is for your ass?

  24. (.Y.) i like tits (.Y.)

    I want poo

  25. plz help me

  26. johannes hedstrom

    Got a boner from this

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