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Dating: It’s Complicated – The Great Condom Hunt

Never forget the ABC’s. Always Bring Condoms. See our videos a month earlier at and follow us on…
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"Search Results - Women Looking For Men"


  1. Emer O' Sullivan

    Sounds like the RadBrad

  2. FelixTheHouseFreak

    Oooooooooohhhh these are Trojan commercials.

  3. Libertine DeSade

    Reading these comments where people are saying how they don’t use condoms
    answer’s my question of why there are still so many cases of STIs cropping
    up all the time. I know that a lot of them can be taken care of with meds
    and creams and whatever, but come on guys. Really? 30 years old and I’ve
    never had an STI, it really costs nothing to be safe. Literally, you can
    get free condoms from your doctor, Planned Parenthood and so many AIDS
    testing clinics. Come on!!!

  4. Why am I even watching this then looking at the comments? I’m still a

    Yeah… T_T

  5. Your voice sounds very familiar.

  6. these videos should be :

    sex : it’s complicated

  7. i used a condom once, so much better without… 

  8. 00sasukelovagirl00

    The guy who took my virginity used condoms every time, no other guy used
    condoms with me. I made my husband use one once, before we got married, but
    a few minuets in he stopped and said “this sucks I’m taking it off” that
    was the last time I’ve even seen a condom lol. 

  9. If you don’t have a condom.. then.. You don’t get sex. Simple

  10. Well, there’s always oral sex.

  11. Breh….

  12. Your routine is everything butt?

  13. man ,oh, man

  14. sounds like my first lol

  15. Well technically u could still have sex with a girl when she’s on her
    period because a) she can’t get prego & b) no condom needed…the only
    thing standing between u & s3x is blood, so if u can force yourself to look
    past that, you’re pretty much good to go. Plus a girl feels at her most
    horny & pleasurable state when on her period. So yah, THE MORE YOU KNOW 😛

  16. Haha the joke was on you

  17. Oh its complicated

  18. Pussy pussy

  19. This happens to me.. every. fucking. time.

  20. Lol

  21. Am I the only one who can here “Big Noise from Winetka” in the background

  22. so why are nearly all of these animations about not having condoms? its
    kinda old now.

  23. Dating, it’s a condom commercial

  24. this sounds like the worst thing ever, u think the first place he would’ve
    checked was the bedside and droors lol

  25. who the fuck uses a condom?

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