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How It’s Made – Natural Rubber

how its made by discovery channel.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Short video showing our vacuum suit. Designed originally at the request of one of our Dominatrix clients – but increasingly acquired by ‘serious’ fetish play…

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  1. brilliant

  2. Rusty Shackleford

    hmmm that went in one ear and out the Rubber ! HA

  3. Wow, this method of rubber processing is obsolete, it’s practiced by
    small plantations with very small output some 40-50 yrs ago, then came
    rubber processing machineries some roughly 30yrs ago. The current method is
    way off this method. U should make new vid with the current method of
    rubber processing.

  4. It’s good to see countries working their butskies off for next to nothing
    so we can all have leather… Ahh, where is my Rubber Ducky? I need a bath!

    On a serious note, DO NOT buy products where people are forced,
    enslaved and manipulated into making your NON NEEDED Luxuries! Yes at the
    start they may lose out, but if we all take a stand, those countries that
    EXPLOIT slave labour, forced labour and taking advantage of less fortunant
    people WILL realise they need to accept their poorer, less fortunant
    countrymen and women as NEEDED and required and give them decent wages so
    they can also prosper!

  5. and then off to the butt plug factory

  6. very cool to see that people still do some things the old way.


  8. Actually natural rubber comes out of the factory in many qualities and not
    all are made the same. You can see that when the guy sprays them, it says
    RSS 3 and RSS 4 on the signs but there are others as well.

  9. yeah tobin
    how ya doin?
    im lovin school!

  10. 0:55 and this is how a tree ejaculates

  11. Manoharan Charakkumalil

    very useful basic information – thanks!

  12. that seems mean they are cutting a tree to death…….

  13. this is very interesting. i had no idea

  14. Hi – Just email us – – if you are interested in
    ordering any of our kit. 

  15. Batman goes to the dentist. 

  16. Wow I so would love to have one can it be done by self bondage as well? 

  17. nice kit. x

  18. brrrrrrrr

  19. looks like a lot of fun, good idea

  20. Is he/she tied up?

  21. my ultimate fantasy while dressed in a dollsuit placed inside this amazing
    vacuum suit and left all day long no release with pulsating going nonstop
    literally milking me dry while i sweat inside a dollsuit how can i buy this
    to make it happen thanks!!

  22. That a guy or girl?

  23. Thank you

  24. Hi crazyguy – yes indeed !

  25. where can we get this suit???????? so want to own one

  26. That suit looks amazing!

  27. now this is what im talking about. Absolute heaven i bet… he must feel
    wonderful 5 star from me

  28. 🙂 that is awesome well u be showing more clips of the suit because I would
    love to see more… 

  29. Thank you serious kit

  30. Is it available at Walmart. (I say sarcastically)

  31. Can men use it

  32. This must feel AMAZING to wear!!!

  33. Wish I had the money to get it all. in the suit and milked all day long
    no-stop OMG be a great way to spend a day or two or a weekend.

  34. Christopher Sewell

    I would like go

  35. i want to buy one but your website doesnt offer any place to do so. where
    can i get this?

  36. Scary stuff bit kinky

  37. Wish this was me

  38. Yes – we have a selection of customers who enjoy using the vacuum suit
    solo. The rear air tight zip has stainless steel D rings at either end –
    so with a cord attached to a D ring and another cord attached to the chunky
    zip pull – the zip can be opened and closed.

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