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Kris Jenner on Kim’s Birth Control

The mother of all Kardashians was here, and told Bethenny Frankel about the story behind Kim starting birth control at age 15. “bethenny,” the brand-new talk…

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  1. she did a good thing. when i was around that age my mom actually told me
    like “if you start having sex tell me so i can put you on birth control”
    lol when it was totally obvious that i wasnt sexually active. and im still
    a virgin so….

  2. you can say about kris what you want but she’s a freaking good mom!

  3. For once I agree, she took her to a Dr and got her some information I’m
    sure not just on avoiding pregnancies but STDs.

  4. Also the people saying “I don’t understand how she could be okay with her
    15 year old having sex” obviously do not listen very well. She clearly said
    at about 1:33 she tried to talk her out of it. You people are so blinded by
    your hatred of this family that you hear what you want to hear and not what
    is actually being said.

  5. she said she felt sexual.. when I was 15 I felt sorta sexual.. In my
    opinions we are all at the age.. come on! it’s fine for a young 15 year old
    boy to masturbate and all and when it come to girl it’s like were suppose
    to be open about sex when were like 18? just saying it’s normal .. I’m glad
    she toke her to the gynecologist.. look at him now she is 31 and with her
    first child.. it’s better than a 14 year old girl getting pregnant because
    maybe there parents where not being good parents 

  6. SuperHorrorfan123

    educated? this woman doesn’t know what education is!!!

  7. at the end of the day, i think she made a great choice, i had sex when i
    was 15 years old, and i barely felt comfortable enough to come to my mother
    and say i wanted to go on date, so its great kim felt comfortable enough to
    come to her mother, its great they had that relationship….like she said
    she did all types of hooping and hollaring about what was right and what
    was wrong, but at the end of the day she knew her child would what she
    wanted to do….i feel like thats better than, kim coming home to her
    saying shes pregnant at 15….

  8. She did the right thing

  9. 15 Jesus Christ this woman is so messed up

  10. cristiano ronaldo

    I meant that you’re maybe right at point.

  11. agree 110%

  12. Bad parental figure. Isn’t anybody here in charge?

  13. …..leviticus said it all, dumbass! what bible are YOU reading?! not only
    did leviticus say it, but your god also said not to eat meat on PAGE ONE.
    page one!!!!!

  14. How dear you call me such a rude name. At this point I don’t even care
    about your opinion. You don’t know me, how do you know that I am not a
    vegetarian. I am growing and developing and meat is the main source of
    protein. Get over yourself and don’t disrespect me. You have no control
    over my life. I will do whatever I want to do, and you have no say in it.
    And since you know the bible so well why don’t you listen to it.

  15. ok so don’t put me down because I don’t want to give it away the way you did

  16. I have to say that Kris looks great for her age and having had so many
    kids. She doesn’t look plastic either. Good genes

  17. I think the reason people see this is wrong is because they think she
    forced her daughters into it. Think about it, if her daughters wanted to
    have sex, all the lectures and yelling in the world wouldn’t stop them.
    It’s probably just make it more appealing, with sex being so “forbidden”
    and “rebellious” and whatnot. She was making sure her daughters were safe
    *if* they even decided to do anything in the first place.

  18. playingforhim511

    Abstain until marriage!

  19. it’s my pussy i can do what i want

  20. nice…… more parents like you and the world would be a better and
    understanding place….

  21. Actually it is a fact

  22. cristiano ronaldo


  23. it’s too bad she’s not a kardashian

  24. my mother swears in front of me. doesnt make her bad

  25. you are a liar

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