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Newsmax: Lawyer O’Mara: Hobby Lobby Likely to Lose Contraceptives Case – Newsmax. Independent. American. The U.S. Supreme Court will likely rule against Hobby Lobby in its quest to omit contraceptives from…

Thought I’d share this bit from season 3 of the Ricky Gervais Show.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

"Search Results - Women Looking For Men"


  1. what episode is this from?

  2. 0:16, Sir Jimmy?

  3. 0:36 Karl’s point proven!

  4. Couldn’t resist sharing this, another helping of the thoughts of *Karl
    Pilkington;* this time, his views on the use of fruit as a contraceptive.

  5. Run!! Here comes ‘coconut John’, lol

  6. “A treat for everyone” Hilarious.

  7. you cant beat waking up to lastnights pizza after a night on the beer

  8. Karl Dilkington

    Who the hell has crisps and mars bars for dinner? Noone is having a cup of
    tea and biscuits for breakfast and not many people have chips with a side
    of fat for tea. I dunno what world you live in!

  9. i want to, but i use cream in my coffee. and then i smell hamburgers and
    bacon….yeah, cows and pigs. i say it’s gross yet i eat it all. i’m such a

  10. Raucous Indominado

    It is, it is. I went vegetarian about a year ago, and I still feel great
    about it. Maybe you should try it.

  11. “people now are trying to get us to eat more fruit…” 0:55 errr…. what?

  12. Nice Video

  13. you’re right, they do! and Jamie Oliver manage to eliminate the crap from
    school kids’ menus. yup they are gross that’s for sure. here in quebec we
    have pork rinds. similar to this product, they are strips of pig skin fried
    to a crisp and quite disgusting!

  14. Raucous Indominado

    Pork rinds are pretty common in the US. Trust me, these are not some
    variety of crisp. These are extruded pieces of disgusting processed meat.
    Way worse than pork rinds (but I used to like the spicy kind.)

  15. Guessing the orange went over the cervix NOT on the end of a cock !

  16. Saturn. but we dont eat pizza for breakfast and neither did the yanks when
    i lived there. they ate cereal with this weird white water that comes from

  17. northern accent, sounding much like yorkshire….

  18. Ha ha. Like it!!

  19. i just love the way he says bun! it’s so funny i sometimes skip the video
    to the end just to hear that part!

  20. michael macrossan

    Exactly what i noticed.

  21. what english area accent is ricky using at the end, for the woman on the
    bed? it’s very funny!

  22. I thought it was supposed to be Jimmy Saville for a disturbing moment.

  23. Oh my god, don’t listen to these while drinking coffee, I almost died! LOL

  24. WTF is this about fruit and genitalia?!

  25. Pier Paolo Palermo

    half an orange to the kids and the other half up her f…y…treat for

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