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Sex Education 01 – Contraception

INFORMATION AND LINKS Why am I doing this series? – Useful information about all types of contraception – …
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  1. Christopher Beaumont

    Does Pulling Out Work?

  2. rubyisnotthebunny

    The sex education is mostly crap in the US too. At least from what they’ve
    “taught” my school.

  3. @RavenTheRebel indeed STIs and STDs are the same thing. It’s not stupid of
    you to ask, we should have been more explicit : ) And you are right about
    not being completely safe. Condoms only works to its maximum effect if you
    use them properly.

  4. @dustytymes thanks for the added information : ) obviously we can’t go into
    everything in one video so it’s much appreciated!

  5. And remember kids, there is a recall for Pfizer’s birth control pills
    packets. They forgot how to put the right pills in the right slots in about
    a million packets.

  6. @livelifextraordinary Bing from slomozovo.

  7. I’m good with regional English accents but there’s nothing to identify
    which county, just a general English accent, though Hannah says she is from
    Manchester on her blog.

  8. When are you going to marry Bing? If you don’t I will

  9. pretty much..

  10. is bing gay?

  11. How often should women wear condoms?

  12. ChristiansModernLife

    @hannahgirasol STD’s are made by prostitutes and STIs by Subaru.

  13. My school and parents covered this stuff pretty well, but I’m so glad
    you’re doing this stuff, as a shocking number of my friends aren’t aware of
    these things.

  14. I remember seeing your blog about this awhile ago and thinking it would be
    a really awesome idea. Glad you went through with it 🙂

  15. I love Bing’s expression when you pull out the condom – desperately trying
    not to laugh 😀

  16. @wolfganggangwolfe I’ve actually just been corrected. Apparently you can
    get chlamydia in your mouth. Maybe this is something worth researching to
    get a better understanding.

  17. @hannahgirasol at sex ed at my school all i learnt is that my year leader
    gets very embarraed while talking about it and you are right sex ed in
    britan i shit!

  18. Had to stop the video at 00:42 because Bing was staring into my soul.

  19. Is Bing smelling the contraceptive pill?

  20. I know that, I meant from where specifically.

  21. @cdawgamer because they’re my pills.

  22. A femidom protects against STIs.

  23. I thought this was PBFB at first O_o

  24. I can not take Bing seriously

  25. I know what condom is, yes, but what is “withdraw”? like abandoning midway?

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