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The Greatest Condom EVER?

“Last week, Georgia Tech students Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer introduced their “Electric Eel” condom on IndieGogo, which they describe as an “open-source…
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  1. condoms suck. we need something better or nobody’s gonna use them.
    everybody’s so busy telling ppl to use condoms, they don’t even realize we
    already know about them. we just don’t like them.

  2. ProtectAndServe22

    Best comments ever! I was going to look up Fukushima and see if the end of
    the world has started yet but this shit is just too funny.

  3. BlackOpsCraving

    Cancer of the penis

  4. Lube before you put the condom on. You’ll be amazed how much you feel.

  5. Electrodes on your penis? Isn’t that what they did to torture the prisoners
    at Abu Ghraib?

  6. adorablecreature79

    I want a condom that make me look buff. Go scientists…. you have your

  7. LetsTalkOnePiece

    Uhm the original condom was made out of sheep intestine. It changed quite a
    lot Anna. 

  8. and it doesn’t even reduce your essence!
    How awesome is this?

  9. ….this is the future of the NSA.

  10. jordan marquardt

    Thts great until you shock the hell out of your penis

  11. The guy wants to feel the hole sliding against their penis, that’s the only
    sensation they want. They don’t care about electricity lol

  12. Yeah! Georgia Tech FTW!!!

  13. the first tweeting condom, #.ballsdeep
    (instagram pic from inside)
    Facebook updated*

  14. TheTaintedWisdom

    Already costly condoms + added tech + electricity in a wet environment =
    Fuck dat! (As in “no way” not, “let’s get this party started”).

  15. Condoms are expensive, and you always run out at inconvenient times. Esp
    when you use like 2or 3 a sesh.

  16. Oh Ana. More and more sexy each time. Love hearing you talk dirty.

  17. I almost choke on my soda at the end lol

  18. Nicholas Strand

    I don’t want to burn my jiggly bits! Oh, HELL NO!!!

  19. I cant use condoms because none of them fit…

  20. NO

  21. What happens if my condom computer gets a virus ?

  22. 2:15 condoms used to be made of intestines… They’ve changed A LOT

  23. The feeling isn’t the problem when using a condom. It’s the hassle of
    having to stop and put it on. Mood killer.

  24. “Now you can get notified of Emails and Text Messages when having Sex!! Get
    the E-Condom now! only $999.99!”

  25. Antonio Corelli

    This Sex Is on Fire; literally. 

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