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The New Origami Condom

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is praising a small business in California called Origami Condoms which has invented a new condom designed to improve …

guy blows up a condom out the car window?

so funny abit weird but ya’noe, maybee this wasnt such a good idea for the cars behind.
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  1. The New Origami Condom: Bill Gates diseña nuevos condones

  2. Still another contender for the Bill and Melinda Gates’ Condom Challenge …

    The Origami Condom ??

    Published on Apr 14, 2013
    “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is praising a small business
    in California called Origami Condoms which has invented a new condom
    designed to improve sensation.

    While condom manufacturers have always tried to make the contraceptive
    appealing by using different textures and flavors, Origami Condoms are
    unique in that they have a completely unexpected design.”*

    The new origami condom is being praised by the Bill and Melinda Gates
    foundation for its drastic redesign of the traditional roll-on condom. How
    does it improve sexual sensation for both partners? Ana Kasparian and
    John Iadarola (TYT University) discuss.

    *Read more from Opposing views:…

  3. Amazing invention! And if these condoms ARE as fun as the real thing, STDs
    will be almost Gone! Kudos to my favorite altruistic duo, Bill ..,& Melinda
    Gates! ! 

  4. Check out our segment on the Doctors to see how soft and stretchy it will
    be. You won’t feel it at all 🙂

  5. We heard that feedback and updated our publicity photos since. Visit our
    website to get a better feel of how the silicone will be soft and

  6. Clarissa Smedley

    How can you say it’s not something you will enjoy until you’ve tried it?

  7. They didn’t even link to the video.

  8. See our above comment. Could you be the CEO of Durex? 🙂

  9. Does safety cone provide the feeling of sensation you would get by
    inserting your penis without the protection? Or does it actually prevent
    it? Yeah, we thought so 😉

  10. Lisette Rozenberg

    Check the video here: origamicondoms. com /#!male-condom/c1e2z looks better
    to me..

  11. i hope its more comfortable then it looks

  12. It’s not just a matter of “sleeping around”. STIs can take weeks or more to
    show positive on a test. And a lot of people don’t test regularly or do
    more than a couple screenings for specific STIs, not everything. So if one
    were to be going from one relationship into another (& faithful) you’d
    still (if you were wise) want protection. And like Jasmine said above-you
    never know until something happens. Plus, secondary birth control. It’s all
    about safety & respect.

  13. Vaginas don’t look particularly comfortable in appearance either, but they
    sure do feel nice.

  14. that is such a creative funny comment

  15. so…anyone got a link to the spokes woman jerking the dildo with the
    origamidom on it?

  16. True that.

  17. Looks uncomfortable as fuck…. Hah

  18. If you’re making parts create extra sensation more so than the raw body
    part would then how is this the most natural feeling condom?

  19. 1. Not socially awkward. I have some great friends and I live a fulfilling
    life. 2. I didn’t turn asexual because “I’ll never get laid”, I’m no
    virgin. I turned asexual because I’ve grown tired of this endless
    reproduction cycle AND I don’t seek sex anymore. I’m happier alone and
    without a romantic partner.

  20. americandodgeball

    Not “for some reason.” For a very good reason that is above your security

  21. No. Condoms have been proven to be effective against HIV.

  22. worth a shot

  23. I usually just fuck with a safety cone on my dick same concept pluse at
    least it fits

  24. Thank you Sweetie!


  26. Ahahaha Lawl so big and yea there isnt a XXXXXXXXXXXL condom size (i think)

  27. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! LOOK HOW BIG E IS!!!! LMAO fell off chair

  28. Mines to big xD I Am Doin a bitch now no joke gtg

  29. Nathreim Blightbringer

    Still not big enough.

  30. LMFAO!!!!

  31. I will do that

  32. clairdelunecullen

    His yelling at the end had me dyin

  33. love this . I put it on facebook and none of my friends can watch it with
    XD .

  34. Lmao

  35. Some horny chick saw them n started chasing them

  36. Lmao

  37. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID ….i HAD to say it

  38. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn “AAAAAAAAHHHHH LOOK HOW BIG IT IS!!!!”

  39. Lmfao

  40. There is no XXXXXXXS size … lol

  41. Magnums….. Lol

  42. OMGOSH LOL!!!!!

  43. Alrighty then.

  44. Condom still won’t fit me

  45. Lmao

  46. even more funny that the guys name is johnny

  47. genesisxnefertiti


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